Week 23 (April 7)

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Weekly update

The cold I developed at the end of last week blew up into a nasty affair. Although the nose has settled down a bit, the chest cough is still pretty bad, prompting more than one person to ask if my TB hadn’t come back for a second round.

Even though I spent the week hacking, it was off to some of my schools for beginning-of-semester meetings. It was good to see some of my old co-workers again, who were still in a bit of shock after my sudden exit in the fall. Fortunately, the teachers at my school were tested for TB but no one showed any positive results. Not sure if any of my students caught it but I am sure I would have heard by now if they did. Next week the teaching starts for real so hopefully I can run into some of my old students and explain my sudden departure in more detail. I still don’t know if the staff told all of my students that I had TB. There have been stories in the past of school officials lying to students when it comes to a sudden teacher disappearance. You can usually find these things out when the students start asking you about your grandmother’s health. I’m prepared to play along with that story if need be.

The remainder of the week was pretty low key, as I rested a lot and ate a lot of soup to help me beat this infection. A week on I must say that my body has done a relatively good job of bouncing back, but I’d rather have another week off to fully recover before running full steam ahead into my classes. It’s a shame that the cold is not caused by bacteria, because I’ve got enough antibiotics flowing through my veins to ward off a tsunami of infectious diseases.

April means that the flowers have started blooming. On Saturday I fought the crowds to get a glimpse of some of the cherry blossoms in the ancient capital of Kyoto. My lungs held up all right despite the hacking, productive cough. The following day saw some flower action right here in Osaka. With temperatures hovering around freezing, Kanako and I took a brisk stroll along the deserted riverside through a tunnel of white flowers.

The end of my TB treatment is now in sight, as I can now count down the days instead of months before my medication comes to an end. Well, at least I hope that this cough is not a remission of the disease. I will know for sure when I go back to Dr. Tamura this week. I’ll ask for some powerful cold medicine while I’m there, as this over-the-counter stuff just doesn’t do the trick.

Cherry blossom tunnel in Osaka

Cherry blossom tunnel in Osaka





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