Week 25 (April 20)

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Weekly update
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The final week of medication was very smooth, as Kanako and I literally counted down the days each morning after my daily dosage. I’ve slid into the work rhythm as well, so the days are flying by and I’m finally on the last 100 meters of my 6-month round-trip journey through TB hell and back.

Nothing much to report this week except for the fact that I’ve only got one more day of medication and perhaps the trickiest obstacle ahead. Though I will have finished my treatment, it will take some time for my body to readjust and completely rid itself of the meds. Normally it wouldn’t be much of a big deal, but since I’m taking anti-coagulants I’ve got to keep my INR monitored and revert back to my pre-TB dosage. Fortunately I’ve got a check-up with the cardiologist this coming Friday, so I will know more about how my liver and INR are handling the transition.

This week I submitted the doctor’s note to one of my universities that had requested it. Since I had to fork over 2000 yen (around 20 dollars) of my own money for the form, I thought of a novel way of submitting the documentation but being able to keep the original in case someone requests it in the future. With the help of technology, I simply scanned in the document, saved it as a .pdf file, and e-mailed it to my boss, who said it was sufficient. Man, now why didn’t I think of that back in January when I got the original doctor’s note? It would have saved a lot of hassle and a bit of money too. Lesson learned.

The weekend brought more favorable weather, which meant another hike with my friends Paul and Mayumi. As you may recall, Paul was the first person I had done a hike with after being discharged, so it was only fitting that my last hike during my treatment be under the same companionship. We headed to the border of Shiga and Fukui Prefectures, not far from where Tomomi and I ventured last weekend. Despite the calendar declaring that we were well into spring, mother nature decided to bring winter back for an unexpected encore, and we were grossly underprepared in our light jackets and t-shirts. We kept pretty much on the move, ducking into the forest once we could take the arctic gusts no longer. The lungs held up just fine and while the nose did run, my allergies weren’t nearly as bad as just a few weeks prior.

Since my medication is coming to an end, so will the regular blog posts. I will do one more update next week, followed by posts at the 6 month and 1 year anniversaries. Thanks for sticking along through two seasons of medical trials and tribulations. I’ll try to make my final post a good one.


Trying to keep my mind off the frigid temperatures

Trying to keep my mind off the frigid temperatures


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